Fenders in the rain?

  • By Stily1 on at 4:41pm 23 November 2011
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Commuting in London? Is it rainnig? Did you consider how rude and selfish it is to spray road grime all over the poor cyclist behind you? Is anybody else as surprised as I am how many cyclists aparrently don't even consider installing an effective fender on the rear of their fancy-pants racing bicycle that they're using to commute to work?

Stunning, for a place notorious for being polite and proper.


Perhaps 'Go Dutch' should refer to the machinery as well as the philosophy! :-)

In addition, anyone so disinterested in thier own well-being as to neglect lights when required is unlikely to consider anyone elses well-being in the rain sadly!

London? Notorious for being polite and proper? Since when? It's not the first phrase that springs to mind when I consider London road users in the round! Perhaps my experience differs from yours somewhat. I got screamed at yesterday by a very irrate driver for cycling in a cycle lane on Royal College Street!

Treasure the polite and try to encourage the rude to be less so ...

  • By Stily1 at 6:11am 24 November 2011

Ah, well, I'm originally from California, and the North American stereotype of the "English" is one of polite and proper. Yes, I've lived here long enough to know it's all a lie! 

Ah Stily my friend, how times change! I'm on slippery territory here but London of course is a zillion miles short of 'English' post world war two. All that 'stiff upper lip', prim, polite and proper stuff went out of the window before I was a twinkle in daddies eye! That's not to imply that anyone not 'English' doesn't display the afore-mentioned attributes however!!

My first wife (god bless her) was from Sacramento and she thought England was always misty and full of thatched cottages! A way off the mark methinks!

My guess is that a significant number of the 12,000,000 people in London are too busy to be polite and proper which is a shame - welcome to the rat-race!!

  • By Stily1 at 9:44pm 24 November 2011

I agree, Whiskey Mick. Also, I think those visitors with their pre-conceptions misconstrue the Londoners' tendancy to *bite* their lip and not say anything, with patience and polite. In fact they're fuming......inside. Americans would say something, and then there would be a fight. I've been away long enough to see this quite clearly!

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