Forum tools? Follow topics? Follow users? Email notice?

  • By Stily1 on at 06:33am 26 Nov 2011
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I'm not finding any ways on this forum to "follow" either certain topics/threads, or certain users. How about an option to be emailed is someone replys to a thread I've posted to? Am I missing something? Or is these things we can work toward adding? Perhaps the volume is not that large yet, but if things get going, it could be very difficult to participate in disucssions on here.


Thanks for your feedback Stily - we're working on this. There needs to be some improvement to the 'My dashboard' section which should allow you to track responses to your forum posts etc. Bear with us while we sort this out! And keep using the forum.

  • By Stily1 at 09:53am 01 Feb 2012

Still here! I think your forum is a great idea. I do wish it was a bit more popular, but all in due time.

  • By Stily1 at 12:07pm 03 Feb 2012

It would be very nice to be able to sort forum posts by date started, most recent post date, number of posts etc. As it is, we have to scroll through a long list just to see if anyone has posted after us.



LCC still don;t seem to be improving this forum. Any dates in the pipeline LCC??

  • By Stily1 at 08:11am 18 May 2012

I'm very surprised at the seeming lack of attention being paid to this forum. This thread started six months ago. It's the only bicycling forum I know of that seems worth visiting, yet its.....well......not that worth visiting. Personally I don't find any of the other "content" to be very compelling, and the lack of attention to the General forum in terms of the basic tools offered on every other similar site on the web is, well, surprising, and dissapointing.

Does anyone know of a better site for London bicycling?

  • By JFK at 08:32am 18 May 2012

I agree with Stily1 . There is a huge potential here not being realised.

Is it a lack of technical skill or resource at LCC ? are you locked into paying someone else for updates ?

Or is it simply not seen as in-scope for the charity to work on developing an on-line community ?

Would be nice to hear from someone what the probem is .. you never know your audience may be able to help.






Seconded that it is well before time these forums were  improved - understand this is on the way


My list of improvement includes ...


* slowness - I see 500 logged in?  Perhaps server or data pipe is undersized

*  lack of email notice of postings so I have to remember to come back to check postsas our main action is here -

We'll be working on the forum in September, so any feedback now is helpful

  • By Barney at 10:37pm 08 Sep 2014

So how much changed last September? I can't see any way to get a list of threads that I've contributed to and check for replies.


I share your view that progress on the LCC website has been much slower than one would wish. The website has some excellent functionality - a web novice like me can produce good-looking news articles (link) that invite others to comment underneath and start a discussion. It's a shame that there a few areas of weakness that are letting the LCC website down, because I think it's an important tool for 'activating' more members to get involved in local campaigning.

There's also a chicken-and-egg situation in which the discussion forum has few users because the functionality isn't great, and LCC HQ are perhaps reluctant to invest time and money to improve the functionality because it has few users.

I can understand that LCC HQ staff have many competing priorities, and I think the best way to make the the website a priority for this year is to pass a motion at the AGM - if you agree, please come along and vote for Motion 6.


  • By Barney at 09:27pm 12 Sep 2014

My guess is that the forum tools haven't been substantialy improved becuase the resources that would be needed to do that haven't been made available - not because anyone in LCC doesn't want them. Motion 6 doesn't say anything about resource allocation, and I'm not personally well informed enough about LCC's resources to take a view on whether it should use more for web development.

  • By Barney at 09:35pm 12 Sep 2014

Here's a tip that might be useful for Stily1 and others - to see what you've posted to the site yourself, so that you can check if people have replied to you, you can do a google for your username on this website, e.g. stily1

Of course tools built into the forums could work a lot better than that, but it might be useful.

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