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Hi everyone in the most recent Wandsworth Borough News on the inside cover there was this short article. The following is a copy of that article.

'On track for improvements with £361k
 Wandsworth has been awarded with a £361,700 grant for cycling improvements. The money, which will be made available over three years, will be used to help increase the take up of cycling and improve safety conditions. Thousands of cycle parking spaces are being installed, while cycle training and safer urban driving courses are taking place across London. The Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL) have awarded a total of £17m to boroughs across London. A consultation has recently opened on creating a network of quieter routes for cyclists, while Barclay’s cycling hire scheme launched in Wandsworth last month.'

This seems a derisory amount of money and I am not aware at this stage who requested this amount, (a standard amount per borough ffrom TFL?) what it is for, and who decides what it is for, and what role (if any?) the local borough cycling campaigns have in deciding what is bid for and how it is spent. All unclear to me. Can anyone shed any light on this 'funding process' please? Thanks Bob´╗┐


  • By paul at 5:12pm 3 February 2014

A Google search found that :


“All 32 boroughs and the City of London bid for, and received, funding through our Borough Cycling Programme to create more cycle parking, cycling training and driver training all of which will help deliver significant cycle safety improvements.”


Richmond got only £212k

  • By bob at 7:41pm 7 February 2014

Thanks Paul

  • By SimonS at 10:53pm 8 February 2014
Cycle training will only ever reach a minority of people and how many bad drivers are going to volunteer for the safer driving course?! Yet again, Wandsworth Council wastes an opportunity to introduce semi-segregated and segregated routes. Cycling in the borough is higher than many others, but sadly infrastructure is appalling.
  • By paul at 10:03pm 9 February 2014

The indications are that this money was designated by TfL for training and parking. Why that is I don't know but we probably can't blame the Boroughs - tempting as it  is.

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