Gas masks at the ready! Silvertown tunnel campaigners publish latest air pollution figures.

The results of the latest citizen science study into motor vehicle air pollution in southeast and east London have been published today by the No to Silvertown Tunnel campaign and allied groups. The London Cycling Campaign is firmly opposed to a Silvertown Tunnel: a river crossing for motor vehicles only, linking Greenwich and Newham boroughs.
I have put together a rough-and-ready amalgam of two press releases: one aimed at local media, written by hyperlocal journalist Darryl Chamberlain, and the other by me, for national outlets. The latter is a little more condensed, and focusses on the citizen science aspect of the nitrogen dioxide pollution study. My combined press release, which features an interactive OpenStreetMap superimposed with measured nitrogen dioxide levels, can be found here…
The data and accompanying text speak for themselves, and require no hyperbolic textual embellishment from the likes of me and my fellow campaigners in No to Silvertown Tunnel. Our challenge now is to get the message out, and stop this monstrosity before it gets to the serious planning stage.
Please support the No to Silvertown Tunnel campaign, and our allies in Don’t Dump of Deptford’s Heart, and the Network for Clean Air. You can support the campaign financially with a donation to the following account: 
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65714195
Personnel-wise we are stretched to the limit and beyond, and would benefit also from practical help in our community action.
Thanks for reading, and don’t breathe too deeply.

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