Given RBKC blocking high quality segregation for cyclists is it not time for a boycot of of the highstreet

  • By showes on at 7:47pm 15 October 2013
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Having been following RBKC and there blocking of a segregated cycling faclitiy as part of CSH9 :


I was wondering if people (idealy via the LCC) would be willing to orgonise a boycot of using the business and a bit of a name and shaming of the cllrs. As I get the feeling without any external pressure we are going to end up with a cycle superhighway which is just as rubbish as the exstings ones as it will suddely get awful in quality when it reaches Kensington high street


Completely agree with this. Something needs to be done, especially given that nearly 60% of households in RBKC are now car-free, so by prioritising motor traffic capacity over cycle safety the cllrs aren't even representing their residents democratically.

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