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Hi being from a dutch background having l ived in London for over 7 years now, there is one thing I have not seen.

This is not about infrastructure, but about education and creating a new group of cyclists:

In the Netherlands 95% of kids go to school on a bicycle in groups with their friends. It gives them freedom and they are independent from their parents. Which kid would not want to be independent from their parents?

The majority of bikes used is relatively cheap, they normaly only have to last a school season. So they end up on the very recognizable 'Oma Fietsen" or in English " Grandma Bikes".

The other thing that doesn't really exisist is trade in your old bike for a new bike. This means that quite often second hand bikes are for sale for cheap or cheap great bikes available as they have been used rarely.


I was wondering if the following existed:

education at schools of travelling to school by bike rather than being brought and picked up?

demand/interest in second hand dutch bikes for sale to keep costs of bikes lower?

I appreciate that there are places in the UK where cycling to school is too far or simply not possible due to home and school being separated by a motorway or something.



The problem in the UK is very much about infrastructure: children won't cycle on our roads because they have to share roadspace with fast-moving motor traffic, unlike in the Netherlands. 

Cycle training and cheap bikes complement great infrastructure, but they're not enough on their own to stop children and parents being scared.

That's why our Love London, Go Dutch campaign is calling for street designs that are safe and inviting for everyone as they are in the Netherlands.

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