Going for a Darwin Award

On Monday I was driving down the Embankment and I caught up with one of our cranes a Liebherr 1100 (100tonne capacity all terrain mobile).

Hanging onto the cranes ladder was an Idiot on a carbon framed Trek.

If you are the idiot in question here comes the maths. If anything had happened, you and your bike would have fallen under the 3rd axle. This axle has a loading of 15t. Each tyre has a loading of 7.5t. Each tyre has a contact patch of 0.06square meters. Loading therefore is 125 tonne per square meter followed rapidly by the loadings of axles 4,5 and 6 (all around the 100 to 125 tonne per square meter).

It will not be an open casket, most of you will be buried by power-washer.

All the crane driver could do was to gently come to a halt at the side of the road. All the thanks he got for saving this idiots life was to be given the finger and called a C**t.

Come on out there  - I'm getting sick of having to try and defend you in the yard!

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The mind boggles!!!

Furthermore, the idiot here undermimes our attempts to get governments and other road users to take cycling seriously.

Agreed !

Oh I'm so so sorry, this is totally our fault. We have to take more care to control any and all members of "the cyclists". We'll review our training and control procedures to see how this happened.

We ("the cyclists") take full blame for this persons actions. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of "the cyclists". 

p.s. F*ck off


Cross out the p.s bit in the previous reply (and please accept my apology) then double the content of the earlier two replies.

For the poster, suggest to report such incident to TfL & local borough police.

This way you are contributing to stats therefore may draw a more constructive result in the long run. e.g. education scheme for the cyclists, better road sign, regulations/registration etc.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

@ Pokerface - the original message was addressed to the particular person on a bicycle ( I won't give him the title of "cyclist" ) - not to you or to all cyclists.

As you shouldn't be allowed out in a website  ( with your cute ? little Ps s) - I would guess you shouldn't be allowed out on the roads without your nanny either !

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