Gordon Square / University of London Cycle Lane


Is anyone else using this cycle lane experiencing massive problems with cars, vans and taxis crossing the cycle lane to turn into Gordon Square?

Not for the first time this morning I was almost hit by a large white van turning into Gordon Square across the cycle lane at high speed. I am concerned that it only a matter of time before a cyclist is seriously injured at this junction (if this hasn't already happened).

Is LCC aware of this issue? Can anyone advise what can be done.

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  • By Hassan at 5:02pm 6 December 2012

Thinking of similar junctions (eg Royal College Street at Pratt Street), this seems an effect of the design. However, the volume of traffic around Gordon Square seems to magnify the issues. I use this lane often and do find it difficult to predict what vehicles will do.

Generally, drivers do stop, but some do not look for two way cycling. Pedestrians not paying attention is another hazard in the area. After a couple of scares, I am always extra cautious along this stretch. I may have right of way, I may think I know what a driver will do, but I always moderate my speed and am ready to slam on the brakes if need be.

I still remember how it was before the lane was installed, and the uphill battles there were to get it agreed. Safety is much improved, though there are, of course, improvements that can be made. A blanket 20mph speed limit for example!

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This junction is terribly compromised. The street was not made one-way for motor vehicles, so right-turning drivers have to cross three different traffic streams in one movement. Making Tavistock street one-way for motor vehicles will solve most of the problems.

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