Great 2015 Die-in Protest & London Cycling Festival

Is this is a good idea?

The November 2013 Die-in was a great success and, considering the short planning period, an amazing success. It was calm, peaceful (except for the police helicopter) and the cello music was a masterstroke (I think my amateur video on Youtube has been watched by as many people as attended the event - the BBC estimated 2,000+ protestors outside TfL on 29 Nov 2013). So let's take more time over the planning and get ready for a much bigger event on a well-thought-out date. The summer of 2014 might be too soon so I suggest 2015. Key dates to consider are:

- 7 May 2015 for the next general election

- 2016 for the next London mayoral election

To get as many protesters as possible and as much media coverage as possible we should:

(1)  ask a web designer who is also a cyclist to set up a dedicated website 

(2) issue invitations to all candidates for London elections to declare their positions on cycling, for publication on the website (this approach worked well for pro-life campaigners in the US)

(3) plan for full engagement with social media (Donnachadh McCarthy had a great success with Facebook but, with more time, more could be done)

(4) send out a sheaf of Press Releases and hold a press conference

(5) get help from theatre directors, who are also cyclists, on making the protest theatrical - a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth ten thousand words

(6) ask Danny Boyle for advice on a London Cycling Festival (eg with local events in the morning followed by massed cyclists converging on the Mall for a spectacular afternoon Die-in with cellists or pipe bands playing mournful laments) - a theatrical urban landscape event to follow his work for the 2012 Olympics

(7) side events with costumes, floats etc, could draw on the London Marathon and the Notting Hill Carnival for ideas

The 2013 Prudential RideLondon Festival had 70,000 participants and won the Sports Event of the Year award. A similar event is planned for 9-10 August 2014. Could we get them to pause for a die-in?

My first thought was that we should carpet The Mall with 'fallen cyclists' on a Sunday afternoon but there are other possible locations eg the Victoria Embankment or Regent's Street or Oxford Street or Bow Roundabout.

The advantages of the Mall are (1) it is a theatrical space (2) it is associated with great events (3) the TV crews know all the good camera positions (4) our demand for Cyclists' Rights would resonate with Martin Luther King's 1963 demand for civil rights (on the National Mall in Washington DC   Permission from the police and the Royal Parks would have to be obtained As we all know, the Royal Parks "provide fantastic 'green' routes in London" for cyclists, so they might agree.

Could London Cycling Campaign staff take on the planning of a large-scale demo? It could become the event which turned the tide. I would like Dutch and Danish cyclists to be writing about how to get a cycle infrastructure more like London's! Jan Gehl, the famous Danish urban planner, says New York City is now far ahead of London and "It's interesting that of the three main lists of most liveable cities in the world, they have between 20 and 35 cities listed, and in none of them is any city from the UK. As far as I'm concerned that's because you have a very, very strong tradition of letting the traffic planners rule. They are still in a very strong position. They think that what you see out here is given by God. But in other cities like New York they've been very brave." London also has a strong tradition in opposing oppressors. Let's keep it alive.


Thanks for your post Tom. Perhaps you should sign up to our weekly e-zines (on our home page) because we're actually doing many of the things you suggest already.

And we've already organised the UK's largest ever cycling demo. On 28 April 2012, a week before the mayoral election, 10,000 supporters crammed into central London for our Big Ride to tell the mayoral candidates to support our 'Love London, Go Dutch' campaign. It's a shame the weather was so atrocious or we'd have counted on double or triple that number taking part...

We have another major event planned for next year too, in the run-up to the 22 May 2014 local elections. Borough authorities control 90% of Greater London's streets so it's vital we put pressure on them in the spring. 

Our Space for Cycling local election campaign plans to do exactly that, by encouraging thousands of actions find out more at

We always need more people to help run our campaigns. Why not get in touch with our activisim coordinator Amy via to find out how you can help?

  • By banana at 2:49am 6 December 2013

The election stuff seems nice but change takes time. The sooner it starts the better.

I want every elected official to be asked what they will achieve between now and when they next come up for reelection (and how we can measure it). Tracked on a website.

eg a promise of change in a councils planning culture, which is then measured by how good the plans coming out are for cycling.



  • By Tom at 8:36am 6 December 2013

Thank you. I will sign up for the weekly newsletter. The 29 November event was my first contact with the LCC. I was very impressed and set to thinking about what an even bigger and better event might be like. The media love spectacles so I then began wondering about how to make the event more visually dramatic. Instead of a police helicopter overhead, I would like to see the kind of media coverage you get for the London marathon. And I would love to be able to read published comments from those standing for election - and NO COMMENT from those who decline to comment.

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