Green deliveries held up by red tape!


I’m doing my bit to make my printing company’s deliveries as green as possible by cycling into central London with my bike trailer loaded with client orders. If anyone can help, please let me know if my company need to provide a specific insurance to cover me whilst I’m making these deliveries.


I hope to get this sorted soon as my boss will be sending me out in the van until we can be sure where we stand.


Many thanks - see you on Blackfriars later today!





Talk to your Company's Insurer regarding the 3rd party risk they cover? Presumably firm has cover if you make delivery on foot in shoes you own.

If it is your shoes/trailer you need clarification as much as your boss does.

Suspect your boss hasn't time to ask the questions. 

You could ask Darwin's Deli or similar for advice as to what they do. But the trailer ownership is perhaps key.

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