Green Park cycle path and Constitution Hill

The cycle path in Green Park that runs parallel to Constitution Hill is now closed until June 8th to erect staging for Queen's Jubilee events. The road was also closed today (Sunday) for bicycles (motor traffic is not allowed to use it on a Sunday).


  • By gegi at 9:01am 23 May 2012

We have yet to hear from Royal Parks what's going on and what the reason for banning cycling is. We certainly hadn't been consulted on it.


  • By suz at 7:35am 24 May 2012

It's actually closed until 13 June. This started 13 May, so that's 4 weeks of forcing cyclists into riding with traffic around Hyde Park corner (or a walk through the park!).  

I see no reason why the cycle path along Constitution Hill needed to be blocked off - this looks to only be used as a parking area for the construction activity.  Did any consideration for cycling safety go into this plan?

  • By niccam at 10:07am 24 May 2012

I agree with Suz. The closing of Constitution Hill has seriously affected my commute from Paddington to Queen Anne's Gate. I accept that the Jubilee celebrations may require roads to be closed, but why haven't they provided a 'safe' diversion for cyclists?

The diversion that we have to share with the now back-logged traffic is incredibly dangerous and is putting lives at risk.

The narrow lanes along Grosvenor Place and Buckingham Palace Road give no room for cyclists and you either have to weave between cars, hop on the pavement, or wait at the back of a long queue of traffic. None of these is acceptable for a city that claims to put cyclists at the centre of city life.

We need a coned-off lane for bikes only - either along Green Park or on the main diversion route.

Anyone know who has the power to do something about this - the Mayor's office perhaps?

Shouldn't LCC be making lots of noise to Boris's office to get this sorted?  Is anyone from LCC listening?

Affected and listening and acting. Royal Parks have been asked, and we have herd nothing as yet, as far as I know.

  • By peridot at 4:21pm 14 June 2012

The Constitution Hill path finally reopened this afternoon.

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