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Does anyone out ther know what is going on with the area around the Cutty Sark regarding bikes? I've used it on and off for commuting since 1990, allways behaved in the tunnel, and now the last two times I've come out heading south I've been shouted at by some apparently hired louts in hiviz jackets about not riding on the open area.  There are no signs sugfgesting a chjange of use as far as I can see. To date I have played deaf...


I've sent this to our local Greenwich group via:

  • By lxtwin at 6:53pm 20 May 2012
I was there today with my daughters when one of the louts you mentioned cam up to me and my daughters and said that from Monday 21st they will be fining anyone who cycles around the Cutty Sark £75 as it is now a pedestrian walk way. I said we cycled along the path and there were no signs there. She said there is on inside the foot tunnel (not very useful if you cycle on the paths) and a small one at the gate; it has also been in the local paper.
I went back to look and could not see the “small one” all there were are the normal cycle route signs. So I went back to ask her to show me where they are and where can I exactly cycle; this time she was joined by lout #2 who said they were taken down when the Queen visited...

Just watch out, I check the paper and could not see it mentioned and the two lout / wardens could not even agree on where you could cycle and were too busy talking to show me where the signs should be...
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When I'm a retired grumpy old man with too much time on my hands, I plan to start a web campaign called FIX IT OR ENFORCE IT, aimed at outing administrative bodies (government, police, managers, whatever) that go to the trouble to enact a prohibition and (maybe) post a sign, but then fail to follow up with consistent enforcement.

(Note that if we were talking parenting, this would be seen as the worst of alcoholic parents' inconsistent boundaries)

I strongly feel that any official body that posts a sign and then fails to enforce it, is in fact doing more damage than good. For an example, a no parking prohibition that is not followed up, only serves to *create* parking oppotrunities for the sociopaths amongst us, when the inherently law-abiding don't park there.

  • By Teri at 6:32pm 3 June 2012

From Greenwich Cyclists May meeting draft mins: 

Cycling at Cutty Sark Gardens

There has been much discussion on the eGroup recently about the presence of Greenwich Council wardens at Cutty Sark Gardens stopping cyclists and warning them that cycling is not permitted there.

Ian said tonight that he recently spoke to one of the wardens and understands that they are authorised to issue fixed-penalty notices.

It was agreed that Ian would draft a letter to send to the Council on this subject, copying it to Len Duvall (GLA member) and Sustrans.

- - - - 

From a Sustrans perspective Julian Dobson (Sustrans Volunteer Ranger co-ordinator) and myself (volunteer Ranger and Rides Coordinator for Greenwich Cyclists) visited Cutty Sark Gardens on Saturday 26 May where we saw no enforcement but did notice "Cyclists Dismount" sign to the west and "Cycling Prohibited" sign to the east (on a lampost adjacent to the Tourist Information Centre railings).  TfL's map shows this as a cycle route "for considerate cyclists" east/west and north/south... 

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