Guildford St / Russell Square

Guidford Street is one-way and joins Russell Square (East side) at a junction with traffic lights and an ASL. In normal times there are two lanes on approach, one for left turning traffic and the other for those turning right, with a cycle lane between them (in the middle of the road) on approach to the junction. For a long time it's struck me as silly that the pedestrian crossing across Guildford Street doesn't show a green man unless someone has pressed the button - it should be green automatically whenever the Guidford Street lights are red.

But now with the Olympics it really is incomprehensible. They've put big plastic blocks to restrict Guidford Street to one lane (the left hand one) on approach, and in the process also blocked off the cycle lane. When I first saw it I assumed they had temprarily prohibited right turns into Russell Square. But there are no signs indicating 'no right turn' and vehicles often turn right out of Guidford Street. So now to get to the ASL you need to squeeze up one side or the other (it's pretty narrow) with no guarantee which way the traffic is going to turn.

For it to be remotely sensible, they need to move the blocks to bring the cycle land back into use and put 'no right turn (except cycles)' signs on Guidford Street at the junction.


"ASLs are a facility and not a target".

Use them, use them well but only use them when sensible. If you can't safely get to the ASL don't. A point that seems sadly lost on many London cyclists.

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