Harrow Road crossing takes shape

A new crossing of the Harrow Road is now taking shape. The actual crossing, which passes under Westway, is already open to pedestrians. Although there are signals for cyclists, these may not be unveiled until the whole scheme is completed in March 2013.

Harrow Road crossing
A pedestrian using the new crossing

The complete scheme consists of the following components:

  • A new northbound contraflow for cyclists in Hermitage Street
  • The new crossings of the Harrow Road, passing under Westway
  • A new, straight ramp up from the Harrow Road to St Mary's Square
  • Shared use of the north footway of Harrow Road by pedestrians and cyclists between the new ramp and Paddington Green. This is to avoid St Mary's Churchyard Walk, which is a bit too narrow for shared use.

See map below.

Map of Harrow Road crossing


Progress Update

The Harrow Road Toucan crossing still has its green cycle lights taped over, but Westminster City Council's contractors are now working to complete the crossing by constructing its connections northward and southward.

In late 2012 the south end of St Mary's Terrace closed to allow the construction of the ramp which will bring cyclists southward from Warwick Avenue and Maida Vale. In January 2013 it appeared that only exploraratory work had been completed; a big chunk had been dug out of the existing, twisty, narrow ramp to see what it was made of.

In January 2013 construction is also taking place in Hermitage Street to create the contraflow cycle lane which will bring cyclists northward from Paddington Station. Photographs taken today show the traffic islands which mark each end of the contraflow cycle lane.

The first photograph shows the north end of the cycle lane, leading to the Harrow Road Toucan crossing:

The second photograph shows the south end of the cycle lane, leading to North Wharf Road and the canal basin:


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Further photos taken yesterday on Harrow Road, showing the ramp under construction at the south end of St Mary's Terrace which will bring cyclists southward from Warwick Avenue and Maida Vale.

I was surprised by how much earthmoving was taking place!

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