Harrow Road Crossings: Three Winners and a Failure

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At Westminster Cycling Campaign we are enjoying the newly-opened Harrow Road Crossings, which link Paddington Basin in the south to St Mary’s Terrace in the north. This outstanding scheme opened on Saturday 4th May 2013 and consists of four elements:

  • A new northbound contraflow for cyclists in Hermitage Street;
  • The new crossings of the Harrow Road, passing under Westway;
  • A new, straight ramp up from the Harrow Road to St Mary's Terrace; and
  • Shared use of the north footway of Harrow Road by pedestrians and cyclists from the bottom of the St Mary's Terrace ramp to the road on the west side of Paddington Green. This road has bollards at both ends preventing car access, and provides cycle access to a Barclays Cycle Hire docking station and to City of Westminster College.

The photographs below show that unfortunately the shared use north footway has a fault: it extends for around 120 metres but ends 5 metres before reaching its target!
We are particularly surprised by this gap in the cycle route from the Harrow Road Crossings to City of Westminster College, because we attended several months of steering group meetings about the proposed crossings, which were hosted by the College! Their students also took part in the official opening of the scheme.

The wrong placement of the sign and accompanying corduroy paving encourage illegal footway cycling, particularly by westbound cyclists from City of Westminster College to the Harrow Road Crossing - will this make them an easy target for police officers from the nearby police station?

We will discuss this failure at our group's meeting on Monday 10th June 2013 and raise it with Sustrans, to see whether it accords with the requirements of the scheme they funded, and with Westminster City Council. We are nevertheless pleased by the number of cyclists using the Harrow Road Crossings scheme, including the 5 metres of illegal footway cycling!
Dominic Fee, Secretary
Westminster Cycling Campaign: the local group of the London Cycling Campaign

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