Has anyone crashed into the back of a stationary car?

  • By steph on at 7:59am 21 June 2014
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Hi All,

I'd really like some advice on the following situation

I as the cyclist was recently involved in a bike accident. A parked van pulled out on me a I was passing it and as I tried to avoid colliding with it I crashed into the stationary car in front of the van which was stopped at traffic lights. My head and helmet went straight into the back of the boot. The helmet caused a dent in the car. The driver of the stationary car now wants me to pay for the damage as he doesn't want to claim on his insurance. He is threatening to take me to court if I don't pay up. I  am looking to find some legal advice on whether he can take me to court. There his no police report and as far as I can tell no CCTV camera footage. Am I liable if I can't prove I swerved to avoid the van? Or is it simple his word against mine? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 


If you're a member of LCC or any other cycling club you should have 3rd party insurance. I'd contact them. LCC also give you a free legal help line.

Look under member benefits.

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