Have drivers become more considerate?

Is it my optimistic imagination or does anyone else thing London drivers have become more considerate since the tragedy of 5 deaths in 9 days and the TfL die-in? I have been crossing the same junctions for years on my journey to work and I think more drivers are stopping to let me cross.


I would agree, I think there is greater awareness about how vulnerable we are!

  • By dickyr at 12:48am 3 December 2013
I have noticed a difference but only in non-professional drivers. Some bus drivers and some taxi drivers seem as keen as ever to try and 'feed' me into a parked vehicle or accelerate into a closing gap to prevent me pulling out. Having said that I also see a difference in lorry drivers' attitude; the awareness campaigns might be having an effect. I do try to reciprocate by giving the polite ones a wave or thumbs-up.
  • By Tom at 7:39am 3 December 2013

Thank you for your impressions.

Without much evidence, I tend to assume that taxi and bus drivers are more aware of cyclists than most drivers. They are trained and they tend to frequent the same routes. My main worries are careless lorry drivers and car drivers who should not be on the road, because they are too young, too old, too drugged or too excitable.

I find cycling west on the Strand is awful. Most of the traffic is buses and taxis. They leave no space for cyclists and their fumes are terrible. If there was any space on the pavement I would ride there - being considerate to pedestrians but dis-regarding the law on the principle that it is unjust.

  • By phufbl at 11:39am 4 December 2013

I have not noticed any difference.

In fact I was beeped and shouted at by a driver yesterday morning for not being far enough over to the left for his liking (while approaching the back of a queue at a red light at which I was turning right)

Motorists are generally getting better. We can improve their behaviour collectively by thanking those who help us. I now consciously look out for considerate motorists and reward them with a smile, a wave or turning an indicating arm into a thumbs up. As a driver I know that such behaviour makes a big difference to how I view and treat fellow travellers. I wait for London buses because I like to be rewarded by flashing tail lights, for instance. I think cyclists can collectively change drivers behaviour far far more than they realise. And when you start looking out for considerate drivers you start to notice that there are a heck of a lot of them about!

http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=qr2XOhgSVoY Fictional and humour I know, but despite the good ones there are still too many of these out there. As a look at the 'Motorway Cops' real-life tv program will show, where they film drivers too 'busy' to pay much attention to the road!

To be honest, I think drivers of a certain kind have got less considerate. The unfortunate thing about people is that you can take a bunch of perfectly normal human beings and put them behind the wheel of (usually) a van, pickup, or minibus and a few of them will turn into bona-fide psychopaths who will, especially when aggrieved about something, show lethal inconsideration to anything else on the road.

These latent psychos are the bane of the road (not just of cyclists, but all road users and pedestrians) and should have their licenses revoked. I would bet any amount of money that they are involved in a high proportion of accidents.

The driving test should be changed to be more like the application for a firearms license, and should also include some psychometric profiling elements. 

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I think it is difficult to spot a trend but I do think motorists are being a bit better about stopping before they enter the advanced stop boxes.

I do think the Met should have a policy, say at least one day a week, or a month, of cracking down on bad driving, like happened to some extent with Operation Safeway. I think that really helped raise awareness that respecting traffic laws was not some sort of optional extra. 

  • By Dagda at 10:38am 14 February 2014

Conversation with taxi driver this morning (black cab):

Me: Mate, can you please get out of the cycling lane?

Cabbie: 'Eff off, you effing green hippie c**t before I get out and kick the effing sh!t out of you.

I would say not.

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