Havering Cyclists Dismay at Council Decision on Roneo Corner


Local cyclists in Havering were dismayed this week at news that the plans to improve Roneo Corner Gyratory have been scrapped.

Roneo Corner has been a problem junction for many years, particularly to cyclists.

Council officers had prepared three options for its improvement as part of the London Mayor’s Safer Junctions Initiative however at Havering council’s Highways Advisory Committee on 15th January, Steve Kelly (Deputy Leader of the council), moving that all three options be rejected said: “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it”.

This flies in the face of ambitions of the London Mayor and of TFL towards improving cycling facilities at our busiest junctions. The council has rejected out of hand all three proposals to improve the gyratory system and has no plans for any further review.

Two of the proposals were to improve the pedestrian and cyclists crossings and cycle lanes, and also improve the signage which would have helped all users; pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike, at a very confusing junction. 

The third proposal was to change the gyratory system back to a normal junction. This would not only have helped all road users by removing some traffic lights and simplifying the layout, but would also have helped the local businesses who at the moment are an isolated island in the middle of the busy junction. 

Terry Hughes, Chairman of the local Havering Cyclists Group, said:

“As one who drives and cycles around this junction, I feel the existing arrangement is overly complex and unsafe – local cyclists tell us how vulnerable they feel using it and I think that there are just too many traffic lights and lane changes required. The council has missed a good opportunity to make things safer and more efficient for all road uses in a way that would also have given local businesses a much needed lift.

I don;t see the sense in this decision and hope they reconsider.


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