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Westminster has now proposed some alternative measures for cyclists, following unfavourable criticism of its scheme for Haymarket and Lower Regent Street. (See earlier posting)

Four schemes are proposed:

  • A contraflow cycle lane in Jermyn Street from Haymarket to Lower Regent Street
  • A contraflow cycle lane in Panton Street from Haymarket to Whitcomb Street
  • Allowing westbound cyclists to use the bus lane from Shaftesbury Avenue to Piccadilly
  • A new two-way north-south cycle route through Whitcomb Street, known as the Bakerloo Route (See separate posting)

The locations of the proposed schemes

Martin Low, Westminster's transport commissioner, told cyclists that he could not provide segregated cycle tracks along Haymarket and Lower Regent Street because:

  • The left-hand kerbside was needed for bus stops.
  • The right-hand kerbside was needed for taxis and coaches to set down and pick up passengers.


At present, there are some nasty roads in this area and some side streets you cannot cycle through.

When these schemes are implemented, there will still be some nasty roads, plus some side streets you can cycle through.

That's progress of a sort!

This is clearly insufficient. A couple of contraflows don't make up for the barrier formed by Haymarket and Lower Regent St

Cycle lanes and taxi/coach drop-offs can easily co-exist. Westminster just doesn't like cyclists. 

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