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Hi guys, I have been thinking what I really need is a cycle helmet that has a built in tiny video camera in the centre. Ideally when I switched it on for my commute home for example it would transmit video footage of my journey straight to my laptop at home a bit like a mobile phone. That way I would have evidence of dangerous driving, car make and number etc and it could prove useful. Not to mention all sorts of other illegal activities one tends to come across while cycling through Hackney late at night.

Does anyone know if such a thing exists and where I can buy one?



  • By Stily1 at 9:12am 17 January 2012

Lots of options for in-camera video storage helmet cams. Not aware of any yet that transmit in real time, and would probably be quite expensive, but it's a product I anticipate eventually being on the market, and think of the "broadcast yourself to the web" potential! Not that that's necessarily a good thing, but it could be interesting. I expect that the porn industry will probably lead the way.........


  • By sgafair at 11:05am 17 January 2012

There was a very good stand at this years Bike Show 2012 at Excel.  I got good reviews of 3 different camera's all perfect for sticking to the side or top of your cycling helmet or latching on to an elasticated headband similar to those used for ski-goggles.

The main product being demo'd was 'Go-Pro' and they gave me a 10% discount offer code 'Stickthis' if you visit their website www.actioncameras.co.uk.

The cheapest camera was £179 and the most expensive was around the £300 mark.

if you buy, let us all know how you get on

The thing is I don't want a camera that you stick on or attach to the side of your head. I think its important that if you are remonstrating with an angry cabbie for example  that they don't notice they are being filmed. So an all in one is the answer. I suspect some helmet designer is probaby working on such a thing as I speak because its a product with so much potential and with the falling price of all the technological gubbins it shouldn't cost much eventually.

  • By Stily1 at 9:12am 20 January 2012

Do you mean built into the helmet somehow? And somehow disguised? I don't think that's going to happen. Too custom; won't sell enough to justify such a dedicated design, when the shape, techincal design and even colour of a bicycle helmet is already suche a personal-choice issue. And besides, if it was integral to the body of the helmet that would be removing critical crush-foam which protects you.....in the event of a crash......the whole point to a helmet. Technically, even attaching a camera (or a light) to the outside of your helmet could compromise the crash-protection afforded. And, helmets don't last that long.......so the added complexity and expense of a built-in camera would be wasted next year when the foam in your helmet has degraded and you need to replace it.

I could go on

The Go Pro looks awesome, anyone used one?

OK I have seen some glasses with a tiny cam in the corner, maybe that is the answer, good eye protection too.

The smaller and cheaper the camera, the less detail it will record and may prove useless for numberplate recognition.

You need a fast lens and a device to record a fast bit rate.

Dogcam sports have many different ones on their site, have a look.

I favour the vio pov.hd which gives 1080p25 HD pictures with a 140deg view angle.

A bit wide for seeing things the other side of the junction but it does get most things in. It is a 2 part waterproof device, the camera head on the helmet and the record unit can be placed in a back pocket or in a harness. There is a mike on the cable.

There is also radio remote which I place on my handlebars.

One nice feature is that you can set the recorder into loop mode, so it is always recording but only actually keeps the media when you press the remote. ( ie for a 30" loop ( defineable 10sec to 5 min?)) when you press the tag it records the 30 that is being recorded now, the previous 30sec, and the next 30 seconds, a total of 90 seconds about you "incident")

Most motoirst do not "see" the camera, more often, not me either, despite my 6ft2 frame and yellow jacket! Any that do are more likely to "behave" themselves if they do see that I am recoding.

Pull along side a driver on the phone and point at your camera and see the response :-)

I really must get around to editng some of the footage together!

Nice! Do you use the GoPro in your car for the same reasons? 

The GoPro ones are on the high end, and are a bit too much for what I need. There are some really no-name cheap ones from China, however you get what you pay for. 

I browsed this website a bit: http://www.szswill.com/

Any recommendations?

I use contour HD which is a much less obtrusive shape for wearing on a helmet than the go-pro. The ContourHD is easy to mistake for a helmet light, but I've never noticed people's attitude ever changing suddenly on noticing the camera. If anything, it has sometimes got worse. Those doling out the abuse are often doing so because they believe you deserve abuse for cycling, so seem quite comfortable with the idea of being caught on camera endangering cyclists.

Good luck with it anyway and look forward to seeing some of your vids on youtube!

This is my son's latest vid with his go-pro.  He takes it everywhere.  Horseriding, surfing, swimming.  He's played football with it on...   http://youtu.be/DZ0XYftFY8c   He factors an extra day onto the end of holidays to edit and upload vids.  

  • By haidij at 8:59pm 11 June 2014

Here's a slightly different take - a camera inside a tail light but it doesn't stream live:



  • By eitanon at 8:48am 15 March 2015

I think the coutour roam 3 is the best helmet camera https://www.kaze.co.il/products/61/contour-roam-3

  • By haynes at 6:01am 30 November 2015

Having a helmet cam is a creative idea which can sort out many problems to the racists. As it can truly help to monitor the accidents and let others know what’s going on with the person went for a ride. I was here for ninja essays and came to knwo this wonderful idea.

  • By cimla at 11:16am 18 March 2016

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