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  • By Beattiel on at 11:22am 11 September 2013
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I cycle through Holborn Circus on a daily basis, and I am horrified at the works going on. 

It has always been a very dangerous, busy junction.  It is well used by van drivers, taxis and buses.  I frequently see near misses because drivers and cyclists don't understand who has priority - sometimes people think it is a roundabout, but in fact those entering the junction have priority over those turning across it.

The new changes, which must be costing tens of thousands of pounds, seem to be designed to increase the speed of traffic going straight over from Charterhouse St to New Fetter Lane, and straight along High Holborn.  There will be no assistance for anyone turning left.  There will be no segregated cycle paths. 


This is a total disaster. 


The only reason there aren't even more accidents is because most drivers at the moment proceed cautiously, aware that the junction is not straightforward.  In the future they will be encouraged to proceed at pace, with those trying to turn right having to wait at an undefined place in the centre.  It is obvious that it will be difficult and dangerous for cyclists safely to position themselves when trying to turn right. 


The plans can be seen at:


I see that a number of very sensible comments were made from the cyclist's point of view when the plans were being considered:


They seem to have been totally ignored.


What suggestions has LCC made?  Why have they been ignored? Why has this major junction been redesigned with apparently no thought at all for cyclists?  It is in contravention of every "Go Dutch" principle you can think of. 


I have absolutely no doubt that cyclists will die on the new junction. 


  • By Beattiel at 11:10am 3 February 2014

I see that the new junction has a cycle path on the pavement at the bottom of Hatton Gardens.  I despair.  Has the designer actually visited this junction?  There are very large numbers of pedestrians who use the pavement.  The idea of encouraging cyclists to cycle on the pavement is pure madness.  Pedestrians will be rightly worried, and no doubt there will be collisions.


There is plenty of space for a proper segregated cycle path.


Really shockingly bad design. 


I am disappointed that LCC seems not to have taken any notice of this issue.

Tens of thousands of pounds later, and this is what we get.


LCC, are you going to complain?  It is simply unacceptable.



The copmpany responsible (Project Centre) were involved in a large number of other places where it's awful to walk or cycle


  • By Gardda at 2:52pm 7 April 2014

Shocking? Cant beat city Hall?  Get off and push! It is a push bike!

If you cant go "fast enough" then you will soon be persuaded to invest in something which is, and then where will you be?


Push bike campaigns! Get off and PUSH across the pedestrian crossings! You are one, with your bike, no more and no less than an old lady with a shopping trolley! Your bike is precious! So are you!

Another very good critique of this dangerous nonsense:



  • By Dagda at 3:32pm 9 May 2014

Why should one get off and push? It is a badly designed junciton and that needs to be challenged. If I wanted to walk, I wouldn't have a bike with me.

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