How to plan a good cycling protest: the lessons from Scotland's Pedal on Parliament 2014

The video report on the Edinburgh demo (26th April 2014) shows that the Scots had some strengths which the London Die-in lacked.

- scenic drama (the London protest had more drama but the Edinburgh protest had better scenic planning)
- emotional music (this was another great strength of the London protest on 29th November 2013) - there was a piper at the top of the High Street in Edinburgh but he was not part of the protest
- a persuasive narrative, with speeches by children, activists and politicians - including Scotland's Minister for Transport (this was brilliantly done in Edinburgh but hardly at all in London)
- good co-opration from the police (very good in both Edinburgh and London - cynics may think the police are always willing to be helpful in overtime)
- jokes, fun and glamour were not part of either protest. They would have been inappropriate for the London Die-in but, for the more festive Scots event, could have helped generate press coverage and larger crowds for next year's event
- good supporting information on a website, with facts, figures and international comparisons (good for both cities but the links between the event and the supporting information were not as strong as they should have been eg the websites were not publicised at the events).

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