Hyde Park Corner

Work is underway by TFL at Hyde Park corner and has had the effect of removing the cycle lane entrance into Hyde Park from the roundabout. This means the lane that is marked and croses the traffic island now terminates in a pavement - cycle across it and face a fixed penalty. The pavement has been relaid with tactile slabs. Other alternatoive is to use the other road and pass throuigh a no entry sign - Oh another fixed penalty.

In summary a cycle route has simply been terminated. This is already a very dangerous junction with the added problem of many tourists offering opportunities for conflict.

This is not the Dutch way of doing things.


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Is this a permanent change or just while the roadworks is going on??

  • By jjwyman at 9:39am 12 April 2012

Looks very permanent to me. Only hope is that they route the cycleway another route - for example adding 'except cycles' to no entry route. It would have been helpful to do that first if thats whats going to happen. Problem will be that this 'road' enters the roundabout further round and while there is a push button its for horse riders and set way above head hight. So yet more danger.

This may be whats going on.



  • By jjwyman at 6:53am 13 April 2012

I think you are right, the plans above seem to being executed. My gripe is that they simply close the path and create a dangerous situation. Last night the only option, to stay within the law, was to walk the bike across the pavement. Scores of tourists doing their usual thing of walking without looking etc but they are now in the right. An the principle ofa continous path is broken.

The real issue is the way contractors sign the roadworks. If this was a 'car' road there would be no expectation that the road would be terminated without warning and that cars would have to be pushed to the new section of road. A diversion could be put in place, see the Copenhagen blog for examples of how to do it. A clear diversion is available around these works all it would take is a set of signs. It is interesting that the signs used at this set of roadworks do not conform to Chapter five ( the rules for permitted signs on the roadway ). So TFL do not even have the correct road signs to re-route a cycle way.

Sorry for the rant , but in my mind this is a complete example of the attitude of TFL to the provision of cycle routes in London. 

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