Hyde Park Corner Pedestrian and Cylclists Improvements.

A while ago there was a thread on here regarding the road works at Hyde Park Corner. As a result of this I wrote to Tfl and got the following reply. Looks like this will help everyone when finished.


Dear Mr Whitehouse


Thank you for your correspondence to the Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) regarding Hyde Park Corner.


With reference to your query, we can confirm that the cycle path at Hyde Park Corner is not being terminated. Instead, the area will now be a shared use area for both pedestrians and cyclists.  Please see attached plan showing the measures to be implemented.

The scheme at Hyde Park Corner aims to increase the capacity and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists using the crossing points. The scheme will introduce shared footpath and cycle path areas on the northern footway and also to the central island. The size of the crossing points across the junction will be greatly increased to accommodate the significant numbers of cyclists and pedestrians using the area.

The junction had been previously identified as not having the capacity to deal with the large volume of pedestrians and cyclists and these measures are designed to deal with that shortfall. The scheme is not taking away cycle capacity through the junction, but looks to cater for all road users at this heavily trafficked junction. The proposed measures are to current design standards for shared areas and the scheme has been reviewed and accepted by independent road safety auditors and has the support of Westminster City Council.

Thank you again for your correspondence and if you require any other assistance please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely



Someone has asked to see the PDF mentioned in my post. The PDF is attached but appears only as small print at the top of the post so is easily missed. You can download it from there.

Hmm. Not sure they are designing on the right lines at all. Why are they so keen on "shared areas"? It there is a big cycle flow, which there is here, surely clear space dedicated for cyclists is more appropriate, and clear separation from pedestrians. That would be the Dutch solution in such a busy location.

David Arditti

Brent Cyclists co-ordinator

  • By jay at 11:47am 6 June 2012

The crossings at Hyde Park Corner do nothing for cyclists trying to use the road/roundabout. Coming out of Hyde Park and heading towards Piccadilly it is impossible to leave the traffic lights safely considering the speed the motorised traffic leaves the lights.

In the past, before these new works, there was a longer pause between the traffic stopping from the direction of Victoria and the lights going green from the Knightsbridge direction. Although not legal, it was possible to get a 'head start' and get most of the way to the next lights before any cars etc caught up (police using this exit from the park told me it was fine to jump the lights as it was the only way to get out). Now the timing is so short you just have to take your life in your hands...

Surely a system which allowed cyclists to leave the lights first, perhaps 5 or 10 seconds ahead of cars, would make this area safer. Considering this is one of the most dangerous places in London for cyclists (similar but worse than Old Street roundabout before they put the lights in) it is appalling that they've made all these changes in one direction (to no effect as far as I can see) and made no consideration to the speed of the traffic and cyclists use of the road - actually making it worse with the timing of lights.

All in all a horrific piece of road with no alternative routes.

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