Ideas for speakers/ discussions / campaigns at Enfield LCC meetings ?

For many years we have held our meetings jointly with the Edmonton Cycle Club meetings/socials on the first Thursday of the month.   Starting from September, this format will change slightly:  At the beginning of each monthly "social" there will still be a short "campaigning briefing".  However, any detailed discussion of "campaigning" issues will take place at separate "Enfield LCC" meetings - we plan to hold 3 or 4 of these per year, and perhaps invite guest speakers to some of them.  

What would YOU like to see discussed at an Enfield LCC meeting ?


I would like to discuss with the relevant person the state of our roads and cycle paths in enfield.

I reguarly cycle to work and socially and am appalled at the state of them, which not only does my bike no good but also causes me to swerve or risk a puncture or falling off. I have spoken to highways at Enfield council but didn't get anywhere. any ideas? 

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