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Cycling down Endell Street in Covent Garden on 19th August I very nearly got knocked off my bicycle by another cyclist who decided to turn right without looking round and, more importantly, without indicating. Only after a lot of protest from me did he apologise. He refused to give me an assurance that he would cycle more safely in future. For some reason he wanted to know how old I was.


So below, and for the benefit of the man in Endell Street and anyone else who could do with a reminder, I am copying  section 74 of the Highway Code which applies specifically to cyclists. I hope he sees it. For his benefit I am attaching his photo which may help him recall the incident.

Does anyone else feel more endangered when cycling in London by the conduct of other cyclists than that of motorists?

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"74 On the right. If you are turning right, check the traffic to ensure it is safe, then signal and move to the centre of the road. Wait until there is a safe gap in the oncoming traffic and give a final look before completing the turn. It may be safer to wait on the left until there is a safe gap or to dismount and push your cycle across the road."

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