Is this the most dangerous cycle lane in Richmond?

Check out our post on the A316 TfL cycle lane, where a mother and her son were knocked off their bicycle. Is this the most dangerous cycle lane in Richmond?


  • By gegi at 8:55am 4 July 2011

There is a cycle lane??? It looks like a pavement to me. Bad design nevertheless and all too common. When there is a danger from drivers what we tend to do is prohibit the movement of the potential vicitms and call it road safety.

Never cycle on the pavement - especially when it is a designated cycle lane.

This is just a form of vehicle apartheid - cycling on these "cycling provisions" just gives them totally unwarranted credibility.

  • By paul at 7:10pm 15 October 2011

For substantial lengths of the A316 there are proper off-road cycle paths without crossing traffic and toucan at major junctions. Rather more pleasant IMO than having HGVs passing inches from your elbow at 60 mph. (yes, traffic reduction/speed reduction should be a priority but if motorised traffic must come through Richmond, the A316 is the least damaging place for it to be.)

The trouble is that whenever creating space for cycling becomes a bit more difficult TFL just gives up.

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