It's that time of year, folks

  • By Stily1 on at 8:05am 12 September 2013
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Please put your fenders back on, people.

I, for one, resent the comingled dog shit, vomit and diesel in your rooster tail on my London commute. And your racing stripe really is quite gross, if I'm honest.

And make it an *effective* fender. These flat 'cheap and cheerful' mountain bike fenders are NOT effecive at containing your disgusting spray and shouldn't even be sold in Lonon, if I had my way.


Maybe you shouldn't ride so close to those in front, especially if they're strangers who don't know you're there. You don't know how they ride, how they deal with lights, traffic, potholes, etc, and they don't know how you deal with them either. It can be really dangerous.

  • By Stily1 at 9:33am 12 September 2013

Typical self-serving justification, that. If you're honest, that spray goes 6 ft into the air, I'd have to hang back four bike lengths to avoid that shit. It's anti-social behavior, plain and simple. Sorry if you like the look of your stripped down fixie, still selfish and thoughtless.

Fine - draft whoever you want when commuting at rush hour. I can't see that ending badly for anyone...

My point would still stand even if everone had full mud-guards, and is even more valid if conditions are bad enough to need them.


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