Jenny Jones cycle visit to K&C: Friday 28th Oct 2011 - 9.30am

We've had an invitation to meet London Assembly Member Jenny Jones, and a couple of us will be meeting her this Friday morning.

The intention is to visit a couple of places on bikes in the borough that might present issues for cyclists. Jenny intends to spend about an hour in the borough.

If you're interested in attending, we're meeting at 9.30 am by the arches at Hyde Park corner, where we'll be meeting a couple of Westminster Cycling Campaign colleagues. Location can be viewed here:

If you can't attend but have a suggestion for a location to visit, feel free to comment below or leave a message on 07960 026450 and it will be added it to a list of possible sites. Of course, 'issues' may not be locations but general borough-wide matters.

We also intend to highlight what is good for cycling in the borough (e.g. contraflow cycling trials and Ken High St cycle parking), plus the recently initiated marketing and promotion activities, e.g:

More information on Jenny Jones is here:

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