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Our most recent website posting on Thames bridges coincides with the sad news of a fatal collision involving a cyclist on Kew Bridge last Thursday evening [15th July] Not knowing about the accident on Friday morning we met TfL staff on a site visit to the London Road roundabout Amongst other things we asked for clarity about the shared use pavements on Kew Bridge.  We're waiting for a reply and for more information about the collision.

Nick TITTLE, Campaign co-ordinator, Richmond Cycling Campaign



  • By informa at 7:37am 22 July 2011

I'm sure that if Kew Bridge had been included in the Central London Bridges Report they would have recommended a 20mph limit.  Four other bridges were given high priority in 2008 but nothing has been done.

The bridgws report can be downloaded here.

  • By ajb at 9:55am 27 July 2011
Following on from the sad news of a cyclist dying on Kew Bridge two weeks ago, we're asking everyone to take just five minutes to send an email in their memory. Read more and one of the emails already sent in our post.

Has there been a report of what the circumstances were?

Kew doesn't appear in the Bridges report but thanks for the link, the principles do apply.

I've had a couple of e-mails from members about what happened but I'm still waiting for a reply from the authorities before posting anything.



Police say the cyclist fell from the bike as a result of a medical emergency and no action is being taken against anyone.

Nick, Richmond Cycling Campaign   

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