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Lets keep it civil out there, people. Sure, we all can lose our temper and feel on the defensive, but I'll propose it's best to stop and think before speaking, most of the time.

Accusing a professional cabby of not knowing how to drive when you've very likely scared the socks off of him cutting in while he crawals along at about three miles an hour (and tootled his horn at you) is, well, far from productive.

~7:50 this morning (Monday, 5 December 2011) Victoria Embankment eastbound.


I try at least to smile and thank, and wave acknowledgement of all consideration. 

Even when I have nothing to complain about.

It is difficult with a Lamborghini - they are so loud.

  • By Stily1 at 10:39am 11 January 2012

Last night (10 Jan 2012) westbound on the CS8 - I was hanging back behind the sorta lame cyclist on the fat-tired bike, no helmet, earphones, because there WASN'T ROOM to get past between him and the car next to us.

So! When the light changed and you tried to zip passed on your racing bike, only to discover that, oh, THERE'S NOT ROOM ENOUGH, youre self-righteous little headshake was, well, ABSOLUTELY INNAPROPRIATE. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN EMBARRASED AT HAVING ATTEMPTED SUCH A BLATANTLY LAME MOVE.

End of rant.

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