Kingston Council leave major junction in darkness for a year. That's right. A year.

In 2010 a utility network excavated the island near the Lovekyn Chapel at the junction of London Road/Old London Road and Queen Elizabeth Road. There is a Toucan crossing across London Road and a cycle crossing across Queen Elizabeth Road. On one side is Tiffin Boys School and Kingston Grammar School is on the other.
Whether the lights ceasing to function at this junction was related to the utility works we do not know; what we do know is that the street lamps haven't worked since.

Kingston Cyclists have complained to Kingston Council a number of times to no effect whatsoever. We have complained to councillors too.

It appears that TfL have been doing something to the traffic signals recently (their red barriers shown in the photo). But the lights still do not work...



Kingston council have 'Resolved' the problem (Nov 2012). What did they do? They removed one of the lamp columns. And put the electricity supply back on to another.



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