Know a rough road in Westminster?

Westminster cyclists have been invited to tell the council about roads that are unpleasant to cycle on because of their poor surface.

Although the condition of most of Westminster's roads compares quite favourably with many other London boroughs, there are sections that have been repaired many times, leaving an irregular surface that is unpleasant to cycle over, especially on a small-wheel bike. There are also sections badly affected by cracking and subsidence.

The conventional way of assessing whether a road needs resurfacing is to evaluate it in 100-metre lengths. That means that a road with a cluster of defects close together may still be considered to be satisfactory. This may explain why the condition of certain roads can sometimes seem worse to cyclists than to engineers.

Westminster's councillors now seem to recognise that a poor surface can be a problem for cyclists and have invited the Westminster Cycling Campaign LCC group to identify roads that require resurfacing.

What you can do

If it's a single isolated defect in an otherwise acceptable stretch of road, you should report it to - click on 'Tell us'.

But if the road is a complete mess then the Westminster Cyclists LCC group  can refer to the council. We have already referred the following roads:
  • Allsop Place NW1
  • Avenue Road NW8
  • Bentinck Street
  • Bolsover Street W1W
  • Cumberland Street SW1
  • Eaton Square - SW corner leading to Eaton Place
  • Elizabeth Street - near the coach station
  • Gloucester Place
  • Great Marlborough Street
  • Great Smith Street
  • Greycoat Place - near the fire station and the school
  • Haymarket
  • John Islip Street - the Vauxhall Bridge Road end
  • Lowndes Street - Lowndes Square end
  • Lupus Street - each side of the junction with St George's Drive / Claverton Street
  • Marylebone Station forecourt
  • Matthew Parker Street
  • North Audley Street
  • Rathbone Place, especially at approach to Oxford Street
  • St John's Wood Road / Grove End Road / Lisson Grove junction NW8
  • St Martin's Place (southbound)
  • Welbeck Street

Do you know any rough roads we should add to our list?

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I note that Allsop Place NW1 was resurfaced last Tuesday 19 February 2013. I believe this is a TfL road. Does anyone know of any Westminster City Council roads that from the our list that have been resurfaced?

I realise the original post was over a year ago but there is an extremely rough spot outside the Lister Hospital (Chelsea Br Rd) near the corner with Ebury Br Rd. Not really possible to cycle over it so you hv to swing out into the traffic. 

this problem has been there for ages and just gets worse and worse with all the buses and heavy traffic coming out of Ebury Br Rd and turning towards Chelsea Br.

Elizabeth St near the coach station was done last summer for the whole stretch from Ebury Street to Buckingham Palace Rd.

  • By radii8 at 12:16am 9 January 2014

Any road that has buses using it tends to get in pretty bad shape pretty quickly. Oxford Street and New Oxford Street - shockingly bad road surface, pot holes everywhere. Great Portland Street is going that way too - the south bit now is now used as a bus route. I'll add more as I think of them. So in summary:


Oxford Street (between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road)

New Oxford Street

Great Portland Street

Cleveland Road  (border with Camden - literally sliced down the road)

Yes, you often get ridges and furrows on roads used by buses. These are particularly noticeable when you cross a bus route.

> Oxford Street (between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road)

I believe that a section of this street is being re-arranged. With a bit of luck, they will also resurface the road. The Tottenham Court Road end may have to wait until the CrossRail works are completed.

> New Oxford Street

That one is in Camden. It has my nomination as the most unpleasant street to cycle in Central London, especially westbound.

> Great Portland Street

> Cleveland Road (or Street?)

Thanks for letting us know about those two.



  • By phufbl at 10:45am 14 January 2014

Bridge Street (which links Parliament Square to Westminster Bridge) is shocking to cycle over.

It is especially difficult as due to the traffic density it is often not possible to avoid the potholes, lumps and bumps even if you do see them in time.

  • By BobRave at 3:30am 11 October 2016

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