Lambeth Bridge Roundabout: TfL abandon proposals

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Transport for London have now announced that they have abandoned their controversial proposals for the Lambeth Bridge roundabout on the Westminster side of the river. Their recent announcement contradicts a previous board paper that implied they were going ahead.

Lambeth Bridge roundabout

TfL say:

"..having considered responses to consultation, and following concerns voiced by Westminster City Council, we have decided not to proceed with these planned initial improvements at Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout. Instead, we will concentrate our resources on developing more substantial improvements that meet the expectations of Westminster City Council and other stakeholders.

"Some of the measures suggested by respondents, such as a segregated cycle track around the outside of the roundabout with cyclist priority at slip roads, would be new features on London’s roads, and therefore require off-street trials. We have started building the infrastructure for these trials at the Transport Research Laboratory in Berkshire, and we will work with our stakeholders to ensure their views are considered as part of this work. Suggestions made as part of this and other consultations will be considered by the team planning the trials."

The main feature of the proposed scheme were:

  • Extending footways and traffic islands to reduce traffic speeds and provide more space for pedestrians
  • Raising the zebra crossings to the same level as the footway on all four roundabout approaches in order to reduce traffic speeds
  • Converting the footway around the roundabout to ‘shared space’ for pedestrians and cyclists, meaning it can be used by those cyclists who prefer to use the zebra crossings instead of the roundabout
  • Providing blue Cycle Superhighway logos on the roundabout carriageway in order to raise motorist awareness of cyclists

The proposals for cyclists to share the footways with pedestrians attracted particular criticism. This was not only because of the potential conflict between cyclists and pedestrians but also because of the risk of collision when cyclists re-entered the carriageway. Cyclists were particularly concerned that, when they used a zebra crossing, they did not have priority over traffic passing through it.

A Love London, Go Dutch workshop, facilitated by experts from the Dutch Cycling Embassy, saw representatives from Transport for London, local councils and cycling and walking campaigns work together to produce a people-friendly redesign of Lambeth Bridge and its approaches. Presenting the outcome of the workshop at the conference on 18th October, Dutch Cycling Embassy expert Marjolein de Lange agreed with an earlier call by LCC for a Dutch-style roundabout on the Westminster side. TfL appear to have taken this message on board.


  • By jsuk123 at 2:51pm 9 April 2015
There was a serious accident at this roundabout involving a lorry running a cyclist over. Are there any updates on how to make this roundabout more safe for cyclists?
  • By pfsc at 5:54pm 9 April 2015

In the absence of road improvements at Lambeth I would urgently suggest:

20mph speed limit, traffic lights, restricted hours for lorries,

regular police presence and junction cameras. Whatever it takes to save life.

This is a major West/East route in & out of town for cyclists and high risk.

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