Large Independent Fabrications Planet X Ti stolen near Finsbury Park

My own fault, only used 1 lock.


Dark green and yellow lettering, pannier racks fore and aft.

If you see it, please let me know. That's my name on the right-hand side in yellow by the seat stem.


Hi there, 


Might be worth getting our local groups to spread the info over Twitter as it's quite distinctive. Was it marked by Bike Register? Definitely report to Police if you haven't already.

  • By anbh66 at 8:49am 29 May 2014

Sorry it took so long to reply, I mistakenly thought the forum would send me an email when anyone replied. What I forgot to mention is how big it is. It's very big, it stands out a mile at any bike rack.

I have a twitter account but I have never worked out all the ins and outs of tweeting. What would I do then? # and tiny urls and images are uncharted territory for me in twitter.

I did report it to the police straight away. In fact it was right next to a Tesco's supermarket and they should have caught the thief on CCTV but the police phoned yesterday to say that Tescos had already deleted the relevant recordings.

I check bikeshd most days but no joy. My fear is that the thief decided they could never off-load this gigantic bicycle to anyone and decided to dump it.

What is Bike Register? The bike has an imobitag in the seat stem from the police, and I put its frame number on

Bikeregister is the Met Police's preferred method of tagging.

I'm afraid this won't be of much use to you now though, if the bike wasn't marked. As it is a very distinctive bike, you could try contacting the Cycle Task Force  (email address on the bottom left of the page) 

They do successfully reunite stolen bikes with owners, but will always look to see if it is Bike Registered first (as this is the least time consuming way of tracing an owner). 

Have you set up eBay and Gumtree alerts? (More likely to be sold on Gumtree) 

Best of luck. 

  • By anbh66 at 10:48am 30 May 2014

I have set up eBay alerts and I search bikeshd every day, which pulls in all the gumtree stuff. The police did tell me about that, although they didn't say anything about bikeregister.

About 5 years ago the police gave me an Immobitag from which has got some sort of transponder that will react when scanned by the police, but of course they would have to find it first, and have a scanner which sounds unlikely now if they are promoting bikeregister instead.

It did have a sticker for deterence purposes which I had on the bike, but I had literally just had it resprayed so it wasn't on there anymore. In fact I doubt I would have had time to re-apply any bikeregister stuff either - next time I'll know better.

There is also some new bluetooth gadget that I heard about which will emit a small signal that anybody carrying a smartphone nearby would pick up. Apparently the smartphone app (which cyclists would have to be persuaded to download en masse) will then transmit the 'ping' to the internet where a central database will then alert you that your bike has been located. I think this is probably only in the US or Japan at the moment, I haven't seen it anywhere. Next time!


  • By anbh66 at 8:44pm 22 June 2014

If anyone is in the Holloway area, I had a sighting of my bicycle (from the bike mechanic who did some stuff for me):


Quote: "I just had a regular customer in who was concerned that he'd seen a very large Independent Fabrications bike being ridden on Holloway Road (near Argos) yesterday by a chubby guy in a blue tracksuit for whom the frame was clearly too big. He recognised the bike after having seen it in the workshop but felt that the rider was probably not the owner. 

This happened at around 6 last night (19th of June).
He described the bike he saw last night as dark green and with V-brakes. He is pretty sure that it is the one he has seen in my shop.
I hope this in someway helps you get it back, it does suggest that it is still local and that whoever has it doesn't realise quite what they've got." - end quote

OK if there's CCTV in Holloway Road, near Argos, maybe the police would be willing to take a look at it. They may know this chubby guy. 


Good luck anyway !

  • By anbh66 at 8:08pm 30 July 2014

Due to another customer of the bike mechanic I go to (Clever Mike in Hornsey Road), I tipped off the police and they nabbed Mr Chubby! Hurrah!!!!!! Got my bike back, mudguards and panniers gone and the gears totalled, but otherwise alright.


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