LCC - Is this correct?

According to the link (below) the LCC approved the TfL plan for the dangerous, confusing and inconvenient 2-stage right turn, soon to be seen on CS2.


It also states that you've declined offers to expecience actual Dutch infrastructure. Why? Is this what you mean by "Space for Cycling", or is well-planned, safe infrastructure too much to hope for?


No it is not correct. It is disappointing that David criticises us without thoroughly checking the facts nor correcting errors when they've been pointed out to him.

We are clear in the web article that David refers to that we think the TfL plan is a very poor implementation of a two-stage right turn. By providing an extra loop and crossing pedestrian paths the TfL design will be ignored by most cyclists. Well-designed two-stage right turns are approved of by both Dutch and Danish authorities and are common in Denmark.

While many LCC activists have been on David's infrastructure tour, the staff team have not. However, we have made several working visits to the Netherlands, choosing instead to meet the people who wrote their design guidelines (CROW), and take part in tours led by experts from the Dutch Cycling Embassy and the Dutch Cyclists Union. Our tours have deliberately concentrated on urban areas with high population density in order to understand what measures are best applicable to a city like London.

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Thank you. I thought it might just be the case that you (as an organisation) hadn't done "his" tour.

Is there a link available for the well-designed 2-stage right turn used in Denmark? As you say - the TfL plan will either be ignored or cause conflict between road-users od all modes, and actually designs in conflict with pedestrians too!

There are many left turn videos from the Netherlands here, showing a variety of turns into and from major and minor streets.

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