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Is instructing a solicitor the only way to pursue a claim?Having been involved in a hit and run recently i,m now off work for six weeks with a broken wrist but the estimated legal costs(not incurred by me) far outweigh my predicted compensation!I do,nt wish to become a "CASH COW" for the legal profession,are there any other avenues i could follow?


If you're a member of LCC then you have access to a free legal helpline. Look under member benefits.

We suggest you contact Kevin O'Sullivan at Levenes ( for legal advice


  • By Stily1 at 11:29am 15 May 2012

If you have insurance applicable to riding a bicycle, then your insurer may have a vested interest in defending you or pursuing a cliam on your behalf. It's cheap. Of course, if you don't it's too late this time around. Yes, that was a broad hint.

- most PI solicitors will operate on a "no win / no fee" basis or ask for a small insurance premium -  don't go to a "Claims Assistance " company who only take a (large) cut for putting you in touch with a solicitor  - you can go straight to any solicitor yourself !

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