London Concrete mixer intimidates cyclist in Hornsey

Twitter user moyn12 sent us this tweet on Tuesday:

@London_cycling please RT London Concrete cement mixer swerved 2 hit me whilst swearing at me as I cycled in Hornsey. Need justice #cycling

We are trying to get more details and follow this up with the company


On Thursday I met with executives from the trade association for the concrete mixer companies, the Mineral Products Association.   They agreed to enable a meeting with the chief executive of London Concrete who is enthusiastic about improving their safety record. 

A major problem with the concrete industry is that the majority of drivers are contractors or franchisees, owner drivers or very small companies. That structure encourages them to work harder and faster than is compatible with safety. It also makes them less compliant with issues of corporate responsibility and less aware of the liabilities bad driving can create.

The Mineral Products Association is launching a Cycle Safety iniative on Wednesday 15th June with a 'changing places' event at Hyde Park Corner.  Get down there, climb up into a lorry cab to see the view, talk to the drivers, give them a hug, tell them to get ALL the other lorry drivers involved in being safe around cyclists.

  • By London at 6:37pm 10 June 2011
I work for a building company, I have driven LWB vans on the streets of London and I had to back off when there is a lorry around. They just don't care and concrete is perishable.

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