London Cycling Campaign on the Saturday 17 May 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to the LCC on the 'Space for Cycling' BIG Ride. My video report is on Youtube. It was an exceptionally well organised event. But in this world everything can be improved. For the successor event I again recommend borrowings from grand opera: music and drama. I'd like to hear speeches from campaigners, as well as from politicians - and I'd like a bigger audience of non-cyclists. Andrew Gilligan told us 'You've won the argument now'. This is not enough: we need to WIN THE BUDGET: 35% of the transport budget would be a decent start, since the aim is a Dutch 35% of journeys being made by bike. See previous comments on cycling demos:



Andrew Gilligan says we have won the argument, this not incorrect. Not while the Head of the Metropolitan Policy says  “It seems to me that there’s a lot of traffic and personally I wouldn’t (cycle). But of course some people don’t have the choice; economically it’s not easy you know. “ (LBC 21.11.2013

Not while the majority of London Boroughs spend nothing on segregated cycling lanes (

Not while the TfL favours bi-directional cycleways for its proposals for roads like Victoria  Embankment where there’s space for two segregated cycleways each following the direction of the road traffic. 

Robert Holden







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