London Road roundabout

There's a new post about the London Road roundabout on the RCC website, including TfL's Traffic Modelling Guidelines and Model Auditing Process MAP if you're interested in that sort of thing.   


  • By gegi at 10:27am 5 September 2011

Every time you hear/read the phrase "balancing the needs of all road users" you can bin the response. I have hardly ever seen a scheme that balances the needs of all road users, certainly not by TfL.

This is about maximising motor vehicle flow with pedestrians and cyclists getting the scrappy left over bits. They will have to rely on a thick skin, being daring and fit and the goodwill of some drivers to use the road.

Capacity is the other old excuse. The point is that a substantial number of trips currently made by car don't need to be made by car. And people are not stupid. They do choose other modes if there was actually a balanced approach to provision - except there isn't.

Not good enough.

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