London to Paris Group Start Point

I'm organising a charity ride on the Avenue Verte from London to Paris and will be travelling down from the north of England with a minibus and bike trailer to begin the ride.  We are trying to avoid taking the minibus/trailer into central London to offload the bikes and begin the ride down to Newhaven.  Could anyone suggest a suitable place to start from considering parking, traffic, manoeuvring a trailer around?  Have considered taking a train in from the suburbs close to the end of the M1 but I don't how practical this is with 8-12 bikes.


Hi there, 

Great to hear you're riding L to P. Does this start on 6th Sept?

Just a note to say you won't be able to take bikes on the train into central London during rush hour, which usually begins at 7.30am ( or earlier depending on each train companies cycle policy) . The National Rail website has links to cycle policy pages of each operator. 

Parking wise, you'll find restricted parking zones around pretty much every station within the M25. 

Good luck with your ride, and hope you find a suitable way to get to the start point!


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