London's traffic problems solved!

  • By Stily1 on at 11:22am 17 February 2012
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Despite what cagers say about cyclists, anyone who actually thinks will have to conclude that London's traffic problems are caused by one simple thing; too many cars.

Now, we all can agree that the only real way to get anyone's attention is to hit them in the pocktebook, yes? Well, my solution will help the city coffers *and* relieve traffic congestion by reducing unimportant car trips, in one fell swoop!


What's that? It's been tried and doesn't work? Well CHARGE MORE!

And for those who will say it unfairly penalizes the poor, what's to stop "them" charging based on tax band?

And, of course because of the disproportionate impact of HGVs, they'll pay a surcharge.

Unpopular? You bet. Realistic? I say yes.



- so we'll all be paying a surcharge because the HGVs are stocking the shops we all use ? - I don't think many drive throughfor the fun of it !

It would also reduce air pollution from motor vehicles, which currently kills 4000 people a year in London.

  • By Stily1 at 2:30pm 22 February 2012

Helen, there's this think called sarcasm.........oh never mind.

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