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I thought it might be good to put the minutes of our monthly meetings on the forum, so that those not on the email list can see what we've been discussing recently. I'll add each one for 2011 as a separate post in the comments of this thread. I haven't got copies of all of them so if you've kept them, please post them!

Thanks to Mike for taking the minutes most months - we don't currently have a secretary so he is doubling up on the other work he does for WCC.

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January 2011

Wandsworth Cycling Campaign
at The Friends Meeting House,
Wandsworth High St,
1900 on 11 January 2011

Present: Simon, Alan, Mike, Charles (visiting from Merton CC), Jon, Jonathan

Apologies: Bryony, Susie, Mary Ann

Notes of the meeting

1) Minutes of the last meeting were agreed as correct.

2) Matters arising from the last minutes
Mike described the meeting with the Cycle Super Highway 8 team on 15^th
December. The impression gained was that the team had done the best they
could given the constraints they face within TfL.

It was noted that the blue surface on CSH7 is already being patched with
standard tarmac. We agreed to raise maintenance issues with TfL.

The continuing campaign around the configuration of Albert Bridge was
discussed as was the possibility of expansion of the cycle Hire Scheme
into Wandsworth.

On street cycle parking - we have been invited to identify streets where
the residents would be in favour of on-street secure parking. Transition
Town Tooting are being approached on this. A photograph of an example
parking pod can be seen at

(apologies for the long link!).

3) A Reinvigorated WEF (Wandsworth Environment Forum) for 2011.

WEF are looking for a liaison person to link with WCC. Jon agreed to
take up this role.

4) Cyclists in the City [for discussion: removal of planning permission for
electric cars compared with expense eating in to 'Boris Bike' scheme]

Charles outlined the arguments put forward in the 'cyclist in the city'
blog regarding the current promotion of electric cars. A lively
discussion ensued. Some held the view that infrastructure support for
electric cars should be opposed as a continuation of the hegemony of the
motor vehicle. However, it was felt that such a campaign was beyond the
remit of WCC as a cycling group. However, it was noted that it has been
proposed that electric car charging points be exempted from planning
permission. It was strongly agreed that the group should campaign for
parity on planning easement for comparable cycling infrastructure such
as cycle hire docking points or simple cycle parking.

5)Double Our Voice video (


AOB - Mike noted that the Council has published a consultation
draft of the Local Implementation Plan. We have a hard copy
available but it can also be seen on the Council website. Plans
for a shared-use on-footway cycle lane on Albert Bridge Road were
circulated. The group thought that the shared use path would be of
little benefit to most users (particularly given the parallel
car-free route in the park). The footway is cluttered with
multiple obstructions and it is not clear how cyclists should
access it at the southern end. On balance, the group could not
support this plan.

Our AGM will be held in March. Please think about nominations for

7 The next Meeting is at 1900 on Tuesday 8 February 2011 at the Friends
Meeting House, Wandsworth High St [opposite Town Hall]

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February 2011


Here are the notes of our meeting this evening.

Wandsworth Cycling Campaign

at The Friends Meeting House,

Wandsworth High St,

1900 on 8 February 2011


Present: Simon (Chair), David, Alan, Mary Ann, Susie, Mike, Diane

Apologies: Jonathan, Bryony, Charles

1) Minutes of the last meeting - Accepted as correct.

2) Matters arising from the last minutes -

Susie noted that Tom Bogdanowicz of LCC has asked for our views on CSH
8. Resolved to forward our response from the previous meeting. Simon has
submitted the FOI request to WBC re safety schemes.

3) Pay & Display [David Love]

David started by outlining his involvement with LCC as a volunteer,
including getting bikes added to what was previously a mobile phone-only
registration scheme. He was also involved in 'share the road' and in
setting up the first Freewheel ride (now Skyride). He continues work on
hazard reduction through the 'Bikeaware' website and project. He became
a Trustee of LCC and is now Vice Chair.

He sees 'Pay and Display' as a quick win, promoted by his being 'doored'
one day. The idea is to place a visual poster warning motorists to look
out for cyclists when leaving their car onto parking payment stations.
The rationale is that motorists paying for parking will be highly likely
to be interacting with cyclists within a few minutes. The scheme is
quite cheap and suitable for sponsorship by companies such as Council
parking contractors. David is looking for our group to provide local
support and impetus for this scheme.

David concluded by speaking of recent developments at LCC following
Ashok taking on the role of Chief Executive. LCC sees local groups as a
unique advantage and will be central to future developments. He also
spoke of the need to address the central barrier to cycling -- fear of
the traffic. One way to address this would be to make cycling part of
the driving test. He raised this during a recent meeting with Justine
Greening (Putney MP) and felt he was heard and that there are
indications the idea might get traction with the government on this
issue, particularly since it could be implemented at no costs to public
funds (the driver pays the test fees).

The group was very supportive. Susie said that all those she had shown
the Pay and Display stickers too had been very supportive. She asked
what specific things WCC could do. David suggested that we contact our
respective Councillors on this issue. Jon suggested getting it put into
our LIP response as a 'quick win'.


Wandle Forum - WCC details and level of involvement

Susie reported that the Wandle Forum had asked for contacts for
their activist database. Several forms were distributed and it was
agreed to complete this in the pub -- Susie to send completed form


Potholes, WBC and Zurich Insurance [Simon (for Martin)]

Martin is pursuing a case for compensation against Wandsworth
Council for injury and damage following an incident with a
pothole. He is being given a very difficult time, and is having to
fight his case against the Council's insurers. He is getting help
for his specific case from CTC legal advisors. The group felt that
this could be indicative of a general problem. As an example, Alan
noted that Nightingale Lane currently has several large potholes.
We agreed that we should all report these (using for example). If anyone is in a similar
situation to Martin's, could they please contact us.


WCC LIP response [Jon Irwin]

Jon tabled a draft of a WCC response to LIP. This is available on the
files area of the WCC Yahoo site. We felt it important to identify a
statement of support for promoting cycling by the Council. The document
was felt to outline aspirations really well, but it was noted that it is
vital that we raise specific points on the text of the draft LIP, since
the Council will be required to respond specifically to these.
Discussion ranged around the targets for cycling modal share, the use of
20 mph speed limits, and the removal of pinch points. It was felt that
useful indicator of success would be if any Wandsworth child were able
to cycle safely to school on the roads. The group thanked Jon for his
fantastic work on this.

7) Finalising our lists of 'top-ten' one-way streets, 'five Local Safety
Schemes', two 'on-street cycle parking streets' for submission to
Wandsworth Council [Mary Ann/Susie]

Following a meeting with WCC, Councillor King has asked us to provide
lists of specific locations as shown above at which we feel action could
be taken. Mary Ann circulated our 'top-ten' streets which we'd like to
be made without delay two-way for cycling. Susie presented the list of
safety schemes that we feel have resulted in greater hazards for
cyclists and it was agreed to substitute Parkgate Road for Tibbet's
Corner. The need to produce a brief document was highlighted. We still
need to do more work to identify streets with a group of residents
willing to trial on-street secure parking -- ACTION ALL


WCC support for LCC 'Stop Lorry Danger' campaign. For discussion

We all agreed that we support this campaign.


LCC Social -- Downstairs at the Alma, Old York Road - 17 Feb, from
7 pm. All welcome

LCC Local Groups Forum - 22^nd Feb, anyone want to represent WCC
at this? [Susie]

10) Notice of WCC AGM on Tuesday 8 March 2011

Please consider nominating yourself or someone else for the roles of
Co-ordinator, Chair and Treasurer. Volunteers are also needed for lots
of other roles including press officer, rides coordinator

11) AOB Susie invited anyone to apply for an Active Wandsworth award --
deadline 11 February. More details at

12) The next Meeting is the AGM at 1900 on Tuesday 8 March 2011 at the
Friends Meeting House, Wandsworth High St [opposite Town Hall]

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April 2011

Wandsworth Cycling Campaign
at The Friends Meeting House,
Wandsworth High St,
1900 on 12 April 2011

Present: Frances, Diane, Susie, Jon, Mike, Simon

Apologies: Bryony, Jonathan, Irena

1) Minutes of the last meeting
Agreed as correct

2) Matters arising from the last minutes
We are still looking for people to help with consultations and campaigns
-- there's so much coming through that we cannot keep up and some of us
are in great danger of getting tired and grumpy.

3) Feedback from the meeting with Cllr Russell King on on Monday [Jon Irwin]
Jon, David Love and Susie met with Cllr King who outlined the Council's
developing strategy of requiring evidence of support from residents for
any proposed changes in the way streets are used. However, the level of
support is not being made explicit nor would there be a commitment to
implement changes even when they are supported by all residents. This
would apply to proposals for contra-flow cycling on one-way streets.
They discussed David's 'dooring' posters which he would like to be put
on parking permit machines. Cllr King was concerned that the Council
might be losing advertising revenue and could commit no funds to this.
It was noted that the cost of stickers would be paltry -- and two orders
of magnitude less than that of a single serious injury to a cyclist in a
'dooring' collision. Discussing safety, Cllr King said the Council would
not explicitly follow Department for Transport guidance on prioritising
the needs of pedestrians and cyclists in road proposals. He did point
out that since pedestrians and cyclists comprise most of those injured
in the streets, then safety schemes should address their needs. Susie
proposed that we ask for regular meetings with Council together with
Wandsworth Living Streets to discuss matters concerning street use and
will pursue this. (Action - Susie)

4) Cycle Superhighway 8: latest developments and responses [Susie]
Jon has written a press piece for Wandsworth Guardian on this. Susie has
had a piece published in the Battersea Society Newsletter. Together with
Westminster Cyclists, we sent detailed comments on proposals for Queens
Circus (near Battersea Park). TfL have sent responses to our comments
which highlight how much this is seen as a first step towards something
better. These have been uploaded to the WCC Yahoo group.

Mike outlined the outcome of his call for views on TfL proposals for
lane markings on Chelsea Bridge. Most respondents very much approved of
the widening of the northbound bus lane to assist cyclists moving
through the motor traffic to take up position to turn right. There were
mixed views regarding the proposal for a mandatory cycle lane
southbound. These were discussed by the group and it was resolved that
we oppose the use of southbound 1.5m mandatory cycle lanes because this
would create a very narrow space between the solid bridge structure and
fast-moving traffic in the adjoining 3m traffic lane (a lorry is 2.6m
wide excluding mirrors) and instead call for a single traffic lane with
blue cycle logos in the middle of the running lane. We also decided to
call for an enforced 20 mph speed limit on the bridge. Further, we
agreed to ask for the option for cyclists to use the footways on the
bridge, particularly in the southbound direction.

5) Blackfriars Bridge proposals - WCC joint representations with Merton
Cycling Campaign and Wandsworth Living Streets [Susie]
Susie reported on the recent meeting with TfL officers arranged by
Merton and Wandsworth Assembly member Richard Tracey. There was some
indication that our points were heard and minor changes may be possible.
All are encouraged to write in by the 15 April deadline to TfL as
individuals (there is more information and a template letter on LCC's
website, at <> ).

6) AOB
Volunteers are wanted for an Spring barbecue/table top sale on Saturday
7th May at Wix Primary School. Is there anyone who could go along to
represent WCC, join in, and talk to people about the joys of cycling?
Last year's event was a lot of fun. Quick decision needed, please email <>
immediately if interested.

The Bicycle Ballet in Roehampton is also looking for people to get
involved in May. Rehearsals on 7th and 14th and performance on 21st
May. See for more information. Quick
decision needed, please email
<> immediately if interested.

Spare Tyre Theatre has let us know that they are presenting a free show
'Trojan Women' as part of Wandsworth Arts Festival outside St Mary's
Church in Putney on the afternoon of 22nd May.

The next Meeting is at 1900 on Tuesday 10th May 2011 at the Friends
Meeting House, Wandsworth High St [opposite Town Hall].

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June 2011

Here are the notes of tonight's meeting:

Wandsworth Cycling Campaign

at The Friends Meeting House,

59 Wandsworth High St,

1900 on 14 June 2011


1) Apologies: Jon, Peter, Martin, Bryony

Present: Vanessa, Susie, Jonathan, Mike, Paul, James, Simon plus another
new member who was unfortunately called away just before the meeting
started -- Please come again!

2) CAT (Cycle Art Trails) for the October Wandsworth Open House Art
Festival: volunteers to run these [Simon for Martin]

Both Vanessa and James expressed an interest in getting involved in this.

3) Wandsworth physical activity subgroup: WCC involvement [Susie]

Susie introduced this group affiliated to the Council which is mainly
concerned with sport-based activities. The group meets around 1-2 times
a year and are organising a 'Get Active' day on 9^th July. Vanessa
suggested that bike polo might be of interest of them. We will forward
information on this to the sub-group.

4) Tour de Tooting ride - Transition Town Tooting idea. Any volunteers
to organise this? Perhaps could link in with Olympic torch passing
through Tooting [Susie]

Lucy Neal of Transition Town Tooting is keen to include a cycle ride
(which could be, but doesn't need to be) part of this year's 'Foodival'
in which Tooting restaurants produce dishes made from locally-grown
produce, or in connection with the Olympic Torch passing through Tooting
next year. The idea is for a fun, family-friendly event. Paul was
interested in helping out and thought that it would be good to have an
event for people to go to after Skyride. All to look at Transition Town
Tooting's website.

5) Proposal to contribute towards printing costs of Wandsworth 20mph
leaflet [Susie]

Under the umbrella of the Wandsworth Environment Forum, local
environmental groups wish to print a leaflet, produced by Wandsworth
Living Streets, to raise awareness of the benefits of a 20mph speed
limit on local roads. WCC have been asked to contribute. Susie suggests
that £100 be contributed. This was agreed and Susie will inform the
Wandsworth Environment Forum.

6) Death of Barry Mason, Southwark Cyclists

Coordinator [Susie]

The group discussed Barry's tremendous contributions and sends their
condolences to his family. We discussed the possibility of supporting a
tribute to his memory. Vanessa said the the Southwark LCC group are
planning a tribute ride and that Alex and Colin at Southwark should be
contacted since something was sure to be organised in due course. Susie
to follow up.



Susie noted that all the comments on the LIP were on the Council website
and the final LIP should be there soon, if not already.

Jonathan reported on last week's meeting of the communication group
organised by Bryony at which Irena and Ian were also present. They are
looking at using the new LCC website for group communications. In the
meantime they will cut down the old website to include current
information only.

Mike went through some recent consultations including a traffic
management order for a 1.5m southbound cycle lane on Chelsea Bridge.
These will be circulated to the e-group for comment.

TfL's proposals for Blackfriars Bridge came up in conversation during
the meeting and all were invited to look at LCC's website and various
excellent cycling blogs on this. Views can be sent to TfL or to our
Assembly Member, Richard Tracey, who can be contacted at: GLA, City
Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA

Telephone: 020 7983 4389


8) The next Meeting is at 1900 on Tuesday 12 July 2011 at The Bricklayer's

Arms, Putney, SW15 1DD (in the beer garden, if weather fine).

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