Men in tights!

  • By Stily1 on at 9:06am 17 February 2012
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Okay, it has to be said. You folks with the black riding tights with the little red tag right at, well, anus level, really? Do you not realise how truly unfortunate that is? Please, take a black marker to that thing. I'd rather not have to think of rectal bleeding and anal incontinence every time I see you!


I like those tights occasionally seen on ladies, with the neat, contrasting (pink?), pocket at the back of the waist-band; don't think they are actually "me" though.

And in the post today I opened an invitation to participate in bowel cancer screening...


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  • By Stily1 at 11:24am 17 February 2012

Or the ones with the colored panels that veritably scream I'M WEARING A THONG!


  • By womble at 6:29pm 14 March 2012

And please, white lycra is a complete no no. ESPECIALLY when worn (apparently) without underwear.

Tights/Lycra and other ridiculous accessories is what is scaring people away from every day, casual cycling. 

To make cycling normal we have to start looking normal not like bunch of ageing wannabe superheroes.

  • By paul at 8:41pm 17 March 2012

Horses for courses. If I am going to the shops then usually "normal" clothing. (Shorts in summer as default to save fussing with clips). Going for a (relatively) high speed ride nothing is as comfortable as lycra -( but nothing might get me arrested).

Looking like an ageing wannabe superhero ? I don't give a damn - too old to care about others' opinions !.

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