More helmet and phone cam ideas

I have just got a smartphone and was thinking could I do something useful with the videocam?  A while ago it was quite common to see cyclists with a mobile phone attached to their handlebars so they could glance at the screen as they cycled along. That doesn't seem to be quite so common now. However it occured to me that if I had some kind of attachment where I could just slot my phone in on the handlebars, I could press record on the video and off I could jolly well go! I have a commute to and from work in Hackney of about 20mins each day and I could record my progress on my smartphone and some of the incidents that occasionally occur. Plus most motorists would not be aware that they were on cam. Plus these phones have impressive audio recording too so if you were involved in an altercation with a pedestrian for example the sound would all be recorded. Could be useful if you ended up in court.

Another thing is I have only downloaded one app for my new phone; the Flashlight one. Yet another problem solved, delayed cycling home and now the sun has gone down and you don't have any lights, no probs slot in smartphone and switch on Flashlight app!! Job done.


I hope your battery lasts! Normally the biggest problem of using smartphones instead of dedicated devices. Maybe in the future though. Anything that means we have to carry less kit is good!!

  • By Stily1 at 4:16pm 21 March 2012

I'm also in the market for a tasty, versatile iPhone bracket. I've been playing with an app that records quite good time-laps video, and think it would be good fun to film my rides that way. Your notion of using the phone as an emergency safety light is interesting as well.

Lots of brackets online, but most are painfully expensive.

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