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I was back at the crossing on Seven Sisters Road at the lower Finsbury Park end and once again witnessed a vehicle shooting through the lights at red. Having studied the crossing a bit more I began to realise why this keeps happening. The traffic is very heavy on that road and often traffic coming down the hill is pretty much bumper to bumper. Plus there is no traffic turning on to the road from the right which can encourage a bit of complacency among motorists. What happens is that when a bus stops at the bus stop in front of the traffic lights some motorists cannot see them change to red and just continue following the vehicle right in front until pedestrians or cyclists wander across into their path and then they have to stand on the brakes or they just shoot right through. What is needed is an overhead gantry with traffic lights in the centre of the road to stop this happening.

Huge numbers of people and cyclists cross here every day and its a wonder there have not been more accidents. I have seen the same circumstances at other junctions in London and have witnessed one very serious accident as a result. LCC needs to contact whoever is responsible for road safety at this location and demand action.


  • By Austen at 8:28pm 23 February 2012

Hi Black Crow, please can you contact TfL via iCasework and relevant politicians via Write to them and let us know how you get on.

Hi Black Crow,


I live on Finsbury Park Road and have also noticed how often this junction is passed at red. My wife and I attended to a lady who was struck by a car last week. Again the motorist said she had not seen the signals. I have written to TfL about this, and was told that measures were being taken, but nothing has yet happened. The lights are officially the start of an Olympic cycle route, so maybe some pressure can be brought to bare.


Which direction do you notice cars running red at more often? East or West bound?


Hi, I have seen loads of vehicles driving straight through red lights from both directions. Anyhow I was expecting more of a response from LCC staffers over this particular issue. I thought that was part of their job to get on the blower to council departments and the like and get some action taken?!

Hi Black Crow,

The Jct mentioned is not controlled by any council. It is a TfL road. As mentioned I have written to them on 3 ocassions about this jct, and have been fed the usual lines about safety being their #1 priority, and hoping to make it safe for all users soon, and reviewing data. The upshot is, this is one of thousands of jcts under their control. It is just a small side road. It will remain very low down their priority list. Despite this, I will keep nagging at them, to make improvements, and if you did the same we might have an effect. I reported via the TFL defect page.


Hope to see you on the big ride, 28th April!





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