'Motorists and cyclists create army of walking wounded'

  • By stuc on at 2:34pm 28 January 2014
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Has anyone seen this in the Times fit for cities campaign?


I'm not registered to the Times, so can't see the comments and I hope someone has already told them, but I've got some concerns about the normaliser they have used and how they come to the conclusion that:

"Cyclists are almost as likely as drivers to cause serious injury to pedestrians, analysis of official figures shows."


They say this is because:


"When serious injuries are measured as a proportion of distance travelled, cyclists injured 21 pedestrians per billion km travelled in 2012 compared with 24 pedestrians injured by drivers. "


Now, I'm not sure exactly how they've done their calculation, but even if they have exluded distance driven on roads with no pedestrians (such as motorways), surely cyclists will generally be more numerous on roads that have more pedestrians. Added to this, surely cyclists will spend more time per km interacting with pedestrians due to their slower speed (except in London of course). I think the best normaliser to use would be hours spent on streets/local roads, though I doubt this exists..

As well as this we should also take into account cyclists are surely more likely to interact with pedestrians as they are often located nearest the pavement.


Just perhaps it a general statistic and pedestrians injure other pedestrians at around the same rate.

What the statistic does say is that drivers injure pedestrians at a higher rate than cyclists as they travel approximately 3 times as fast. Ithink thats how to translate your ours on the road.

You could also extrapolate the statistic further as a lot of miles done by drivers is on roads which are not used by pedestrians. So if drivers use non pedestrian roads for 70% of the time then the rate becomes 9 times as fast.

There's always a different way of presenting statistics.

  • By phufbl at 7:55pm 29 January 2014

This sounds like writing a letter to the editor would be a good idea?

Didn't the Times have a change of editor and the new guy has forgot the trucks that put their colleague in a coma? I don't read the rag but I expect they recently got some new car advertising revenue and are keen to dump any pro-cycling coverage that might jeopardize that gravy train! Can LCC send them the correct statistics, along with the list of known KSI's please? Names WITH pictures drive the point home better (if allowed).

Maybe if original poster agrees, change thread name to something similar but with corrected message. I have an idea but not sure whether to post as may seem inappropriate re people KSI'd.

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