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Cycling in to work this evening in Hackney I was hit on the shoulder by a number of objects that had been thrown at me from a block of flats. If I had been hit in the face I could have had a really nasty accident but luckily I was able to maintain control of my bike. Over the years I have had a number of similar incidents including having bottles thrown at me, food chucked at me and footballs deliberately kicked at me while cycling. I did report one incident at my local police station where I was rather pointedly told they would not be investigating! But these yobs have a tendency to target others if they think they can get away with it. So I probably will report this latest incident. It is so infuriating when this sort of thing happens, I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has had a similar experience and any possible solutions.


Sorry to hear about your bad experience, it can be unnerving to be targeted for no reason, glad you were not injured. In a similar incident I was pelted with stones a couple of times. On the 2nd occasion I rang the non-urgent met pol tel no but was cut off, so I input it online to the website of another police for.. err service, coz met didn't seem to have one. Don't know if anything was done, but the teenagers weren't hanging about throwing stones after that.

If you cycle on the Greenway between Stratford and Beckton be aware. There is a block of flats quite close to this route and objects are often thrown at pedestrians and cyclists.

Could be another good reason to get a headcam and try and get some evidence of the culprits.

  • By Michelo at 10:16am 17 February 2014

If these incidents happen at a particular block of flats you should report it to the landlord. This will be either the local authority housing department or a housing association but the local authority should have some idea who is the landlord so probably your first port of call. Anti-social behaviour like that is a breach of tenancy conditions and parents can be held accountable for their childrens behaviour.

That is a good point because some social housing landlords do leaflet all the tenants in a block if there has been an incident of anti-social behaviour I was talking about this to a bloke the other day who lives in a flat in Tottenham and he said that was the case in his block, so I will bear that in mind if there is a next time cos I can't be sure where these objects came from as it was dark, it might have been a block of flats nearby but it might not.

Happenned to me in Camden, but it was eggs which were thrown... Go figure.

  • By KevinC at 3:52pm 13 May 2014

I remember when I was about 10 years old in 1965 my father came home shaken and dishevelled.  He recounted how some 'yobs' had thrown an empty beer bottle at him from a passing car while he was cycling home, causing him to fall off his bike. I remember the police coming to our home to take a statement from him.  They said that cars were out looking for the culprits - my father had not got the car number but was able to give the make, model and colour.  Later the police came back to say they had caught them. Unfortunately no charges were brought as the one responsible claimed he was merely disposing of the bottle and had not intended to hit anyone with it.  The policeman who came was very apologetic.  The tale had a happy ending for me.  My father had kept the bottle, which had not broken.  He gave it me and I went to the off-licence and got the 3d (old pence) deposit back.  I was very pleased and remember hoping, rather unkindly, that more bottles might be thrown at him.


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