My bike is banned from the school ground by headteacher - I am the only cyclist from 270 parents

My 5 year old daughter is  at Ardleigh Green Infant School- Gidea Park, Romford. Since she started school a year and a half ago I cycle with her daily (she is not a confident rider yet so she has a bike seat on my bike) . At the school gate I get off the bike, and push it into the school ground- walking - approx 15 meters from the gate I stop. There is a metal fence where I can lean my bike against so I can take my daughter out of her seat safely. there are 270 mums on school run in the infant school- none of the other parents are cycling, most of them driving their large 4x4s blocking sidewalks, pavements,parking absolutely everywhere.  However today Mrs Morris the head teacher rang me straight after I have returned home from the school run : saying that I AM A HEALTH AND SAFETY HAZARD and she is no longer letting me to bring the bike into the school ground. According to her I am a hazard risk for potential injuries. (I do not ride on the school grounds!!!) I have pointed out that many mums bring prams, pushchairs, double buggies which take more space- people bring dogs in in their arms/ in handbags that is fine- me taking my daughter to school is not fine...? I see myself as a positive role model cycling to school every day. There is a small area for kids to lock their scooter in (tiny area full with little scooters and kids- not suitable for me to charge in with my bike)- but not a single designated area for bikes or a bike park anywhere you could leave your bike. I stand next to the bike when Olivia goes in with her teacher- none ever complained about me being in the way. I feel TOTALLY DISCRIMINATED-I do not understand her issue-the head sees herself as in total charge and she decided that from today these are HER NEW RULES- I AM BANNED TO ENTER WITH MY BIKE. I really need some advise her as I want to make sure that this doesn't happen anywhere else and i want to make an official complaint- just dont know how/ hwho am I supposed to talk about this issue- can she really ban my bike from the school ground?

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