My bike snapped in 2

I have had a fold up Tallboy Harlisser for 6 months and today as I was riding, it snapped clean in 2 pieces by the hinge where it folds up in the middle of the frame. I fell on my face and encountered the force of gravity hard on my cheekbone and lip. Nothing broken but very shaken and sore. 


I think either it was a faulty model or Harlisser aren't safe. Any thoughts on that? I'm contacting the bike injury lawyers to seek compensation from the man who sold it to me brand new on ebay



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  • By Gardda at 9:04am 18 October 2013

There are Chinese bicycles for sale which seem to be built specifically to do that within about 6 months.  I hear that Moulton are in Shanghai, so perhaps the Chinese manufactuires will learn a thing or two from their manufacturing skills and produce something cheaper and better.

I don't think Moulton would object to competition if it were as good as their bikes which I for one, a s pensioner can not afford for a single moment at £1000 a time.

I would use it in conjunction with the local buses for which i have a bus pass, and I am quite sure others would too!!!


Sorry about the injury; I did have a folder and recognised that 'flat on the face' potential as soon as I used it to any great extent. The front hinge has to be throughly reliable at all times.

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